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An Anti-Creativity Checklist for 2015

How do people stifle innovation in your company? Source: link.brightcove.com Young Moon updates her Anti-creativity checklist reminding all of us of the self-talk that defeats innovation and creativity at work and in life.  Do you recognize these behaviors? See on Scoop.it – Value creation insights

Simon Schama announces portrait gallery displays with attack on selfies

Historian will help to create displays exploring portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery in London in the autumn Source: www.theguardian.com In this seemingly off the topic post, Simon Schama laments the  “look down” and “selfie” generation.  All creativity and innovation is catalyzed by looking out.  Consider the consequences if we don’t look at each other and the world […]

Happy birthday to Moore’s Law – Washington Post (blog)

Fifty years ago Intel’s co-founder noted the breakneck speed at which electronics develop. Source: www.washingtonpost.com While Moore’s Law is the extreme case, the beauty (or the tyranny) of the better and the cheaper drives us to innovate (or die).  The urgency of the entrepreneur is now required together with the excellence of the operator.  Deliver […]

The secrets to staying creative in your workplace – CNN

Is your creativity at a lull? Two neuroscientists have come up with a scientific formula for inspiration. Source: edition.cnn.com 10 insights from the new book The Eureka Factor offer a short list to increase your capacity to innovate.  Many of them seem obvious when one reflects on them but not surprisingly, tactical intensity tends to […]

Here’s which states are most innovative in America – Washington Post (blog)

Here’s where governments do the most to make it easy for citizens to innovate. Source: www.washingtonpost.com While there is just one United States, it is important to remember that there are 50 policy making states pursuing different levels and mixes of initiatives designed to encourage innovation.  Our future "depends upon our ability across all 50 […]

For a More Creative Brain, Travel – The Atlantic

How international experiences can open the mind to new ways of thinking Source: www.theatlantic.com I often speak of the importance of travel to prepare people for a global marketplace.  I had not considered fully that the broader frame of mind and greater adaptability that comes from travel may influence your capacity for creativity.  But, here […]

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